Training and Devlopment

It is clearly a literal fact that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.Every Organisation , has People of different capabilities, and often, the focus is on the strong teammembers . It seems , that these capable strong Members , take the organization to the higher levels.But the Fact is that ,it doesn’t. Imagine a Chain of people running towards a goal, each member tied with the other member . What will be the speed of chain? Speed of the fastest person or the slow person.We often, implement the best systems, develop Innovative products, create incentive programs , but overlook the slow performing members.Training and Development – Caters to overall capability synergy.

Domains of Training

  1. Motivation & Life Phylosophy
  2. Attitudal Transformation for a Desired Good Performance in any Field
  3. Sales & Service Management .
  4. Finance & Investments Domain.
  5. Technical Topics on Information Technology,Application Software & Management
  6. Entrepreneurial Skills Development.
  7. Parenting & Child Care
  8. Career Guidance.
  9. Or Any Other Domain- With a Prior Intimation of 15 Days For Research & Study.

Our strength of training

  1. Practical Talk.
  2. Good Control of Group Dynamics.
  3. Interactive Session.
  4. Pleasing Personality.
  5. Setting Positive Attitudes over Struggles & Enacting Audience on Better Performance.
  6. Belief On Self Motivation & Judgement to Lead Ahead in Buiseness & Life.
  7. Can Lead Training in English , Hindi & Marathi.


Have Been conducting Trainings on Various Management Topics , for Last 15 Years. Have addressed a crowd as Large as 5000 people.  Have conducted the trainings , in every Part of India.programs provides the study-environment for students, the technology platform, and the allied education services and processes that make up the total teaching-learning experience. Our IT training programs and IT Certifications help professionals to acquire skills in cutting-edge technologies that are being deployed in today’s organizations and get an edge over their colleagues. These, along with strategic academic alliances with some of the most prestigious management and technology institutions in the country, provide a truly rich learning experience.

Training videos

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