Enterprise resource planning

nterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process
managementsoftware that allows an organization to use
a system of integrated applications to manage the business
and automate many back office functions related to technology,
services and human resources..

Enterprise resource planning  

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. These business activities can include: Planning, Accounting , Inventory , Manpower, Resources, And Analysis of the buiseness.At, Nettech,we configure your Buiseness Processes , accounting and inventory .  Through Tally , the most Comprehensive, Yet simple  and widely used application in INDIA and Across , we set your Processes.Be it a Trading, Manufacturing , Retail or Any other Industry, we  have the Solution .Since , 2009 , we are Certified Partners for Tally , and Have expertise ,in understanding your Buiseness Requirements.Our staff has gone through an intense training , not only about the software …. But also about the Technology, and Buiseness Domain.And in The New ERA of Digital India , we are  GST Ready .

 Application for Traders, And other kind of business: 


  • It is an Eco System, as Most of the CA, Accountants, Institutes etc, use and train on tally.
  • Open Database Connectivity, through ODBC, or XML. Thus, Integrate the Tally, with any of Your other
  • Open Source, though most of the inbuilt features are enough to maintain your buiseness processes,
  • Yet you can give the required customised look and feel, through TALLY DEVELOPMENT Language.
  • Tally Shop- Ready customisations available for a Very minimal price, for enhancing the capability.
  • One software , for all types of buisenesses. JUST a few configuration settings, and Tally Suits your Buiseness Exactly the way you want.
  • Toll Free and a Huge Partner Network Support. In Tally, you are never lost. You get the support.
  • Most Transparent Pricing System , has helped Lacks of users in the country to stick to the Software.

At, Nettech, we have implemented the Tally, for almost every kind of buiseness

Features List

  • Accounting , Sales , Purchases, Inventory Management for all the Types of Buisenesses.
  • Purchase Order, Sales Order, Quotation, Proforma Invoice and Requred .
  • Serial No . Management for Electronics, Mobile Phones , and similar Stores.
  • Batch wise, and expiry Mangement for Pharmaceuticals, Food Products, Fertilisers and Similar Buisnesses.
  • Manufacturing Account Management For Manufacturers.
  • Godown Management For Buisenesses with Multiple Locations.
  • Synchronisation of Data, For Multiple Stores in a Single database.
  • Banking -PDC, Auto reconciliation, Cheque Printing .
  • POS billing for Retailers, Fast and Multpayment Modes.
  • Payroll Management .
  • Statutory Compliance. Manage GST, TDS, Income Tax etc.

and Much more .

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